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Commercial Energy Assessor

Surrey Energy Ratings Ltd provide energy assessments resulting in domestic and commercial EPCs as well as comprehensive air conditioning inspections and TM44 reporting. We are a commercial energy assessor. Our teams of accredited surveyors and assessors carry out commercial EPC surveys and air conditioning inspections throughout the South East, delivering fast, efficient and professional results to clients large and small.

A commercial building requires an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when it is sold or rented. Once completed, the certificate is valid for ten years no matter if the building is sold or rented to another occupier. The energy assessment consists of examining the method of the building construction, such as cavity wall, solid brick, curtain wall etc. The level of insulation in the building, within the roof space for instance. The type of windows, lighting and, of course, the method of heating / cooling plus their relevant controls and also the method of hot water supply. As part of the method of producing an EPC for a commercial building, the property is divided into 'zones', whereby each zone would have a different activity within the building or it might have different lighting or heating to adjacent areas.

In order to produce a commercial energy certificate, the floor, ceiling/roof and walls of each zone, called 'envelopes', have to be entered individually into the software. Then each zone is linked to the relevant heating / cooling system and type of lighting. The resultant energy efficiency recommendations for the building are then tailored based on their relevance before finalising the certificate and recommendation report. This in depth data entry requirement is one reason why commercial energy certificates carry a higher price tag than domestic ones.

Air Conditioning Inspections

AC System inspections have been introduced as a legal requirement to ensure the systems are being run and managed efficiently. These need to be conducted every 5 years. Call or email us for a quotation or more information.

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Commercial Energy Performance Certificates

Commercial energy certificates provided in London and Surrey. We'll try and beat any quote, please call James on 07714 291998 to discuss your requirements or complete the form here.

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In order to assist their clients in adhering to the latest legal requirements, Capitol Group have partnered with Surrey Energy Ratings to offer Air Conditioning Inspections. These are now mandatory and are beingAir conditioning introduced for all air conditioning systems with rated cooling output greater than 12kW.

If your air conditioning system has a rated output greater than 12kW you must have had your first inspection by 4 January 2011. Thereafter, inspections will be required every 5 years.

For new systems installed after 1 January 2008, the first inspection must have taken place within 5 years of the installation date.


The purpose of the inspection is to make a final report and recommendations about the efficiency and energy usage of the system. Its primary goal is to reduce energy consumption and to reduce carbon emissions. The European Community has made a commitment to reduce our C02 output by 40 billion tonnes by 2012. This agreement has been issued in the form of directive EPBD2002/91/EC.

An accredited energy assessor, who is a current member of an approved accreditation scheme, must carry out the inspection in accordance with CIBSE TM44. You will receive an energy assessment report that will detail the equipment surveyed, if the sampled equipment is sized correctly (utilising CIBSE TM44 rule of thumb calculations), any health and safety issues noted at the time of survey, the condition of sampled equipment and also the report will provide you with recommendations on how to operate your equipment in a more energy efficient way.

Call the Capitol Group help desk on 020 8330 7716 where a member of our team will be pleased to arrange for one of our Energy Assessors to speak with you about your specific requirements.



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Surrey Energy Ratings Ltd provides the legal certificates and recommendation reports for the requirements under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD 2002) initiated by the European Union to promote more energy efficency and ultimately reduce carbon emissions from member states of the EU.

Air Conditioning Certificates are provided once an air conditioning inspection has been conducted on a qualifying building. Any building with 12kW or more of cooling requires an inspection every five years. The certificates are provided with a report that details improvements that could be made to the air conditioning system that would save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Some of these recommendations will be costly; upgrading condensers or chillers for instance. But these recommendations could be carried out once the plant has reached the end of it's useful life. The recommendations as part of the certificate process do not have to be implemented. They are for guidance and to promote an understanding of methods that could be introduced to save energy. Improved guidance for the users of the systems and improving their knowledge of the operation would be a relatively cost effective undertaking.

Commercial Energy Certificates, or Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), are required when a commercial property is being sold or rented. This requires that a survey of the property is undertaken. This takes the form of a data gathering excercise; measuring floor areas, ceiling heights; taking details of any heating/cooling systems and their related controls; taking details of any hot water systems; lighting details; wall, floor and roof constructions including visual evidence of insulation, where possible, otherwise the construction reverts to the building regulations standards of the year of build. This building is then 'zoned' into areas with any differing activities, heating, lighting etc and each wall, floor and ceiling, or envelopes as they are known, are entered into the software. An energy rating and recommendations are produced, with the recommendations tailored to the building. The resultant certificate and recommendation report are valid for ten years.

Domestic Energy Certificates or Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are required when a domestic property is sold or rented. It also forms part of a Green Deal assessment and is required to access other types of funding that might be available. In order to produce the certificate, a short survey has to be undertaken. This involves measruring floor areas and ceiling heights of each floor and extension. The types of wall, floor and roof construction together with details of any insulation. Noting details of any heating and hot water system and it's controls, types of lighting and windows. As part of our ongoing accreditation, photographic evidence must be gathered at the time of survey. This is to substantiate any findings on the resultant certificate in the event that the survey is called for a quality audit. The resultant certificate is valid for ten years, irrespective if the owner or tenant changes in the meantime.

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