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The Green Deal latest

Energy efficiency for nothing!

The Green Deal is a new Government initiative to help homeowners, Energy saving houselandlords, occupiers make their homes more energy efficient but with NO up-front costs.

We can now provide you with Green Deal Assessment Reports (GDAR). This is the first step to take to making your home more energy efficient. The report will show what measures are suitable for your property and if they can be funded through Green Deal finance.

Follow this link to get your Green Deal Assessment.

The important thing to remember is that the repayments you make will be equal to or less than the energy savings you will make. So you will not pay any more for your energy bills. But as energy prices rise you will make more in savings.

We're working with Action Surrey and Green Deal Consulting to help make your home more energy efficient.

Read more here.

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Public Access to the EPC Register

As of 22 April 2012, ANYBODY with the postcode can access and download the energy performance certificate for a domestic property, display energy certificates and air conditioning reports. This is being made available so that local authorities can identify buildings in their area with poor levels of efficiency, for research & analysis purposes, to enable Green Deal providers to market their services and to increase public awareness on the levels of CO2 emissions.

Can you prevent your details being made available? Yes you can. Click here to request that your energy performance certificate is 'opted-out' of any data searches. This means your EPC information will not be passed on to others and will not be able to be viewed online.

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The New Domestic EPC

The domestic energy performance certificate (EPC) has been redesigned to make it clearer and with more of the important information on the first page. It also introduces details for the Green Deal which is scheduled to launch in Autumn 2012.

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The Green Deal

Energy efficiency for nothing!

The Green Deal is a new scheme being introduced by the Government in the Autumn of 2012. It will enable homeowners and landlords to upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties with no upfront financial outlay.

How will it work? You will need to employ the services of one of our Green Deal Advisors. They will conduct an assessment of your property and produce a package of energy efficient measures that would be suitable for installation in your home. As our advisors are completely independent we will ask you for a small fee for our services. But then nothing else.

The next steps? If you wish to proceed with the Green Deal package, we can put you in touch with a Green Deal Provider. They undertake all of the supply and installation of the energy efficient measures.

How is all this paid for? As part of the initial assessment of the property, the Advisor will calculate if the energy efficient measures meet 'the Golden Rule': expected savings in energy costs must be equal to or greater than the cost of the measures. A charge will be attached to your energy bill and the savings you make will go towards paying off the energy efficient measures that have been installed.

Update: get your Green Deal assessment here. Currently being offered free through Action Surrey, saving £150!!

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