Commercial EPC Certificate

When you are building, selling or renting out a building, you will require a commercial EPC, an energy performance certificate. Once you have this certificate, it is valid for 10 years no matter who the owner or tenant of the property is throughout that time.

An EPC contains information about the energy use and energy costs of the property and recommendations of how you could make changes to the property to reduce the energy usage and consequentially save some money. You will be provided a rating from A to G depending on the efficiency of the building (A is high and G is low).

They are required as they give an indication of how expensive the property will be to run for potential buyers or tenants who need to consider costs and outgoings. It also reflects your energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, which tells people when more measures may need to be taken and the potential efficiency if these measures were put in place.

EPC’s are required for many different types of buildings including offices, retail shops, pubs, workshops, restaurants, etc. If you fail to supply an EPC certificate you will be fined a minimum of £200 so do not waste your time and money by failing to have one. Once the certificate is sorted it is then valid for 10 years so in the long term it is better to get it in place and the cost is minimal stretched over 10 years. The cost of getting an EPC certificate is much lower than that of the potential fine so it is cheaper in the long run to get the certificate before you consider selling or renting, which is our responsibility once you get in touch. We offer a full inspection, including air conditioning inspection if necessary, completed by one of our fully trained commercial energy assessors.

We will come to your site and perform a site survey that day and then we can usually produce a following certificate and recommendation report the next day. We aim to work efficiently to ensure you have in place the legal certificates you need to be able to rent or sell your property without causing any disruption to the process.

We supply EPCs in properties in Surrey, London, Kent, Sussex and Hampshire, please get in touch for a quote today.

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